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Disaster Mediation and Full Recovery Services

Our highly experienced and dedicated professionals will evaluate and set up first relief to full recovery to achieving client satisfaction.

Development and Urbanism Management Services

Our civil engineer and architect team along with our developers create neighborhoods that are safe, comfortable and in some instances provide a new economic steam (such as multi-functional apartments that have stores and restaurants on the ground floor). We pride ourselves in work and ingenuity in every community we work with.

Medical Products and Services

With over twenty years of experience, our medical product and service department is a leading the way in making hospital procurement as easy as possible. Our one of a kind marketplace is tailor-made for each our customers as well allows them to offer their used equipment.


Whether it is a small or big transaction our fiancé team will evaluate it the project and give the best budget and pathway forward. This allows us to save government and private sector companies on their overall cost.